How Do I Know If My Battery Is AGM? Secret Tips

How Do I Know If My Battery Is AGM

AGM batteries otherwise known as Absorbed Glass Mat batteries are one of the technologically advanced batteries in this era. The primary use of AGM batteries lies in vehicles and recreational vehicles(RV). Gel batteries and lithium-ion batteries are also used widely in vehicles. There can be many reasons to replace the existing battery we have under the hood. That is why … Read more

Does cold weather affect AGM batteries- You Need To Know

Does cold Weather affect AGM batteries

People nowadays are relying on AGM batteries much more than before. Lead-acid batteries have lost their place because of their performance deficiency. AGM battery users don’t ever doubt the battery’s performance. Their most common interrogation is- Does cold weather affect AGM batteries? Not only AGM batteries but also all conventional electrolyte batteries can’t properly perform in cold weather. But, AGM … Read more

How Long Do AGM Batteries Last?

How Long Do AGM Batteries Last

The Absorbed Glass Mat batteries also known as AGM batteries are the upgraded form of lead-acid acid batteries. These are known for their longevity and higher lifespan. Its structural differences and the assembly of the cells and other features make the AGM batteries last for a long time.  But, for how long do AGM batteries last actually? You can expect … Read more