Can You Charge A Gel Battery With A Regular Charger?

Can You Charge A Gel Battery With A Regular Charger

Gel batteries are an advanced form of conventional Lead-acid batteries. It is a deep cycle battery with many modifications inside the battery compartment. But, the working principle of the Gel-batteries is quite similar to other forms of deep cycle batteries. The Gel-filled batteries are sensitive to charging. A specific charging profile is required to charge the gel batteries. For this, … Read more

Are AGM batteries good for cars?

Are AGM batteries good for cars

Whether using it for an aircraft because of its good build structure or getting proper electric power with a decent life cycle, AGM batteries are getting more and more popular these days. This battery has a very good structure with perfect build materials, which allows it to last a long time. That’s why it is being used in high-end fuel-efficient … Read more

Can AGM batteries explode?

Can AGM batteries explode

The AGM batteries use a newer version of lead-acid technology that can provide exact electricity power with sufficient storage. However, lead-acid batteries are infamous for exploding when they are overcharged. As AGM batteries use the same type of technology but with more power, a question can be asked, “Can AGM batteries explode?” No, they don’t usually explode. These batteries have … Read more

Does cold weather affect AGM batteries- You Need To Know

Does cold Weather affect AGM batteries

People nowadays are relying on AGM batteries much more than before. Lead-acid batteries have lost their place because of their performance deficiency. AGM battery users don’t ever doubt the battery’s performance. Their most common interrogation is- Does cold weather affect AGM batteries? Not only AGM batteries but also all conventional electrolyte batteries can’t properly perform in cold weather. But, AGM … Read more