How to Load Test AGM Deep Cycle Battery: Step-By-Step Process

How to Load Test AGM Deep Cycle Battery

AGM batteries are lighter than their flooded lead-acid counterparts, require no regular maintenance, and provide consistent power with high reliability. This is why AGM batteries got more popular than other batteries. But how to load test AGM deep cycle battery? Put the positive battery terminal into the red clip of the load tester and the negative terminal into the black … Read more

Are AGM Batteries Better Than Lead Acid Batteries? Everything You Need To Know!

Are AGM Batteries Better Than Lead Acid Batteries

AGM and lead batteries are both popular choices when it comes to selecting the power source for your equipment. Likewise, they both pose advantages and disadvantages which are to be taken into consideration.  But are AGM batteries better than lead acid batteries? AGM batteries are a modified version of lead-acid ones, providing better durability and performance. Moreover, they offer bonus … Read more

What Is An AGM Deep Cycle Battery?

What Is An AGM Deep Cycle Battery

The Absorbed Glass Mat battery is the newly formed deep cycle battery. It is otherwise known as the AGM battery. This battery works on the principle of electrochemical reactions. It is basically a technologically advanced form of Lead-Acid batteries. Considering you want to make an update to the battery or replace it with your current battery. Then it is imperative … Read more