Are AGM batteries good for cars?

Whether using it for an aircraft because of its good build structure or getting proper electric power with a decent life cycle, AGM batteries are getting more and more popular these days. This battery has a very good structure with perfect build materials, which allows it to last a long time.

That’s why it is being used in high-end fuel-efficient vehicles like racing bikes or cars. But a question may appear in your mind, “Are AGM batteries good for cars?” 

Yes, they can deliver up to 1500 watts, which is more than enough to run a car. Also, the chemicals and components reduce internal resistance production to provide an average of 120 Ah of current. The life cycle of the battery is very good (1200) and doesn’t require much maintenance.

What is the advantage of an AGM car battery? 

What is the advantage of an AGM car battery

The advantages of AGM batteries are described below.

Don’t spill electrodes

Normal lead-acid batteries start flooding electrodes during use. But the AGM batteries don’t allow their electrodes to do it, thanks to their attached glass mats, which are used to avoid any kind of spillage. 

The structure absorbs the electrode on other lead-acid batteries whereas the AGM batteries hold their electrodes with the mats. As a result, the electrode can’t get split. Even if you don’t place the battery perfectly, the electrode will not start flooding. 

Provide a high power output

The AGM batteries are built to provide a high power output. Their perfect structure allows them to have minimal internal resistance. Consequently, they provide better voltage. The average voltage required to run an AGM battery is 14.6–14.8 volts. 

This voltage allows it to provide an average of 120 AH of current. It can provide enough power to burst when you need it. This power also allows the battery to start faster when you need it to run. You can even load this battery easily compared to most other batteries on the market.

Require short charging times

Require short charging times

The glass mates of the AGM batteries don’t allow the electrode to flood freely. They hold the batteries in the perfect place. Also, the structure of the battery doesn’t allow the internal resistance to getting higher.

So it can charge much faster than most lead-acid batteries. If the connection to the power source is perfect enough, the battery can get charged 5 times faster than usual batteries.

Come with a very good life span

The life span of an AGM battery can be up to 10 years. However, there are some factors, like maintenance, charging, and temperature, that can change the life span. 

If you want to use this battery for a long time, you must not discharge it more than 50%. Don’t start charging the battery if the charge is already more than 70%, or the life cycle of the AGM battery will be considerably decreased. 

If you discharge your AGM battery to 30%, you will get 1200 cycles. The life cycle gets reduced when the discharging percentage increases. As a result, the battery provides a life cycle of 550 at 50% and 320 at 100%. 

Also, if you put the battery at a temperature that is not very hot or cold, you will get a better life cycle.

Provide perfect durability

Provide perfect durability

One of the major uses of AGM batteries is in the aircraft industry. Commercial aircraft, as well as military aircraft, require a perfect power source that can handle intense vibration. 

And the building structure and perfect material of the AGM battery provide a sturdy design that is enough for these types of situations. These batteries are also being used for top-class vehicles like racing bikes or Formula One racing cars. 

They have a sandwich-type construction, which allows them to hold their internal components perfectly. So there is no chance of accidents. The glass mat also doesn’t allow the electrode to get torn or be flooded, even in frequent and continuous vibration. 

The temperature control of these batteries is excellent. Even a faster charging or discharging rate doesn’t allow the temperature to get higher. So these batteries can work perfectly when the temperature varies.

Does not create sulfate

The structure of the lead-acid batteries allows them to start sulfation. Sulfation is a chemical reaction that occurs with the lead sulfate crystal inside of the cells. When this process occurs, the internal components of the battery get damaged, and the battery fails. 

The cause of sulfation is a lack of proper charging or discharging processes. While the battery is not charged or discharged properly, the crystal inside starts building up on the upper surface of the plate. If a lot of crystals get built up, the chemical reaction inside the battery is prevented. 

As a result, the energy efficiency of the battery decreases by up to 50%. The usual battery requires a perfect clean-up and charging every six months to prevent sulfation. 

On the other hand, the sandwich construction structure of the AGM battery doesn’t allow the sulfur crystals to start sulfation. So you don’t have to clean it too soon. It can be cleaned every year.

What is the main disadvantage of an AGM battery? 

What is the main disadvantage of an AGM battery

The main disadvantages of AGM batteries are described below.

Production cost is a little bit higher

The building materials like lead crystal and other chemical components of this battery are of high quality, and the body structure is a little bit complicated. Hence, the manufacturing cost of this battery is higher. 

The holding process of the electrode is also entangled, and it is covered with glass mats. That’s why it costs a little bit higher than usual lead-acid batteries.

Faces energy issues while working with several devices or for a long time

The power output of the AGM batteries is much higher. You can almost get 1440 watts from this battery. However, the energy level of this battery is very low. And if you want to run a battery for a longer time, you need to have a high specific load. 

It can not handle that much electricity. So, if you try to run it for a long time or with some extra devices, it won’t provide enough electricity.

Sensitive charging system 

The AGM battery provides perfect electricity with a high life cycle. However, the charging and discharging processes of these batteries are very sensitive and affect their life cycle if you don’t follow the process and levels perfectly. 

If you charge this battery when it has more than 70 c/o charges, its life cycle gets reduced. If you discharge it less than 50% regularly, it won’t last a long time. The battery doesn’t need to be cleaned regularly, but if you don’t clean it once a year, it starts sulfation.

Should you use it for your car?

Should you use it for your car

These batteries can deliver up to 1500 watts of power, which is capable of powering an automobile. They can also supply an average of 120 Ah of current since the chemicals and components within it don’t create much internal resistance. The battery has a long life cycle and does not need much maintenance. So you should use it for your car.


Still got some questions in mind? Then have a check at the section below.

Will a car alternator charge an AGM battery?

The factory alternators and charging systems throughout most automobiles are unable to fully charge an AGM battery. They simply charge it to a particular level. An additional battery is required to recharge it to full capacity. It’s also best to use a high-end charger for this purpose.

What is the life expectancy of an AGM battery?

If you can properly maintain an AGM battery, generally speaking, it will last somewhere between three and four years. However, how properly you maintain this battery is important for its lasting power. So you should use it properly and slowly. 

If this battery is used in vehicles, its lasting time also depends on how much you drive your vehicle. If you charge it or discharge it properly, it can last up to 10 years.


The AGM batteries are very reliable and provide excellent stability with a long life span. They are now being used in different high-end industries, like aircraft or top-class vehicles. So if you want to use them for your car, a question may come to your mind, “Are AGM batteries good for cars?”

Yes, they are. Their building structures hold their electrodes perfectly so that they won’t flood. Also, the chemical compounds in this battery provide a high power supply with a long life span. The battery doesn’t require much time to charge or needs too much maintenance. 

However, the components and chemicals of these batteries are of high quality. So the price of them is a little bit higher. These components require accurate charging or else they cannot provide perfect stability. However, if you can maintain it perfectly, it will provide you with enough power for a long time.

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