Are AGM Batteries Good for RV Or Is It Just A Myth?

As an RV owner, you must know they’re not used for everyday purposes. Most of the time, they sit idle and that’s why they require a type of battery that’ll hold the charge better.

We know the first name that came to your mind right now is AGM batteries. They’re popular these days for their superior benefits. But are AGM batteries good for RV for real? 

The answer is yes, no doubt about it. Here in this guide, we’ll let you know why they’re actually good, what size of battery you should own and which type is commonly used so that you get the proper explanation.

Let’s buckle up, then.

Are AGM Batteries Really Good for RV – Detailed Discussion

AGM batteries are Absorbed Glass Mat batteries. They’re stuffed with fiberglass matting, which will leave the battery unleaked for a long time. You can use it for your RV, as RVs are supposed to be used for special purposes.

Moreover, this battery’s maintenance part is almost zero as they’re made with hydrogen and oxygen. Hence, no corrosion will happen.

It also removes the water content easily, so you can say they’re water resistant as well.

For a heavy vehicle like RV, it’s almost difficult to avoid all those shocks on cracked roads. Most of the time, the effect of these bumpy roads causes battery damage luckily, with AGM ones, your battery will be sealed.

All of these indicate that AGM batteries are really good for RV. They’ll serve your vehicle proper electricity with efficiency.

Benefits of Using AGM Battery in RV

Benefits of Using AGM Battery in RV

There’re so many advantages of AGM batteries. They’re amazing with their services, even in RVs. Let’s see how beneficial they’re.

1. Vibration Resistant

Well, the first thing about RVs in real life is that they are super hefty. The trait of this vehicle is to take all the shock and vibration of the bumpy roads easily. 

But, if you have an AGM battery installed in your RV, it’s less likely to get affected by that vibration. As the battery is covered with perfect matting, all those shocks won’t reach the depth of the battery.

Thus, it’ll not get harmed by any vibration.


From vibration resistance, durability comes. Of course, if all those shocks can’t reach the battery, your battery will live up to so many years with balanced health. They’ll remain as sturdy as they are without facing any trouble at all.

Spill Proof

One thing that AGM batteries are admirable for is their spill-proof trait of them. As we said earlier that this battery is made of glass mats, which usually averts lots of electricity slippage; means any type of current leak won’t happen here.

The electrolyte inside the battery will flow freely even if you put it in various positions. As a result, you can keep your vehicle sitting in one place for a long time and there won’t be any waste of electricity.

Fast Charge

Another great thing about the AGM battery is that it takes a short amount of time to charge. You can actually charge it and make it useful for multiple applications at the same time. 

Moreover, there is less sulfation in these batteries which leads to less charging on the battery. While other batteries have to be recharged every 6 months, AGM ones don’t require regular charging. A plus point indeed!

On top of that, AGM batteries have,

  • The amazing capability of standing out in different temperatures. No matter if your country is melting hot or freezing cold, you can use it in your RV any day.
  • Safety features such as no gas. It prevents less ventilation so you can apply it inside the motorhome.
  • Less maintenance as less water or no water at all. Just buy it and install it on your RV and enjoy the experience.
  • However, AGM batteries are still kind of expensive. But as you know, good things take money and you have to spend your money on useful ones. That would be a wise decision always.

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What Size of AGM Battery Do You Need for RV?

For your RV you need to choose either 2-6 6V batteries or 1-2 12V batteries. Between this two you can choose one and the amp rate of these batteries will vary from the components you’re actually powering.

We mean, the more component you’re going got use in your RV, the more amp hours it’ll need. For example, it can be around 50AH-400Ah depending on your usage. So approximately for an average RV, you might need to buy a 12voltage 125Ah battery or 12Voltage 100Ah battery.

Which Type of Battery are Commonly Used for RV?

Which Type of Battery are Commonly Used for RV

Well, there are four types of batteries that are commonly used for RVs. they’re,

  • Gel Battery
  • Flooded Lead acid battery
  • AGM
  • Lithium-ion

So, the lead acid ones are cost-effective, available and suitable for every RV. Then again, gel batteries are good for less ventilation, and spill-proof features, and can be used in any orientation.

Next, the lithium-ion ones are proper for less gas spread and durability.

Talking about these 3 types of batteries which are also used for RVs will make you understand that AGM ones are the superiors. Why?

It’s because all the characteristics of the above batteries are placed inside AGM. They’re filled with durability, water resistance, corrosion resistant, and spill-proof feature and they’re suitable for any RV, take less ventilation, have less sulfation, provide less leakage and supply fast charging.

So AGM batteries are commonly used for RV everywhere these days and you should try them too.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do AGM batteries last?

With the proper usage, AGM batteries will last for 5-6 years straight with no issues at all. If you plan to use it occasionally it might last longer than this period. After 5-6years, the battery capacity will be 80% or above which is also great.

  • Is it worth getting AGM battery?

Definitely, an AGM battery is worth it if you’re buying it for your RV. As RVs face lots of vibrations and shocks on the roads, it’ll be nice to have a battery that can take it all. Besides, these AGMs are safe and last so long compared to other flooded batteries.

  • What causes AGM batteries to fail?

So, you need to be careful about the charging system of AGM batteries. Any type of undercharging or overcharging can totally destroy your tool. Try to observe your battery while it’s charging to avoid any inconvenience. And if it somehow gets damaged, try to purchase a new one as soon as possible.

Final Verdict

That’s all. We’re sure by now you’re pretty much convinced of the fact that, are AGM batteries good for RV or not? It’s obviously good with loads of outstanding features. Plus, durability will make the tool stay with you for quite a few years (we can guarantee that).

However, try to cope with the charging system as overcharge or undercharge can damage the whole battery setup.

Good Luck!

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