How Do You Maintain An AGM Battery- 7 Effective Ways

How Do You Maintain An AGM Battery

AGM batteries also require maintenance like typical lead-acid batteries. But, they don’t require any dedicated maintenance for which you should acquire professional knowledge. Taking care of your AGM battery is compulsory unless you want to lose it before its expected lifespan.  So, how do you maintain an AGM battery? First, you need to focus on proper charging. Along with using … Read more

Why AGM Batteries Better? -Comparison With Different Batteries

Why AGM Batteries Better

Around all newbie’s heads, a common question revolves- “why AGM batteries better?”. AGM batteries are mainly popular due to their low maintenance trouble. Along with this, their long-lasting service life makes them the top pick for the users. Though it’s slightly overpriced, it is worth the extra money.  AGM batteries are reliable even in the toughest weather. Any user can … Read more

How To Test AGM Batteries

How To Test AGM Batteries

Absorbent Glassmatt Batteries otherwise known as AGM batteries are modern versions of flooded lead-acid batteries. These batteries are generally used in vehicle batteries.  Many times the batteries lose their voltage and charge due to some abnormal reasons. In order to troubleshoot the AGM battery problem, different battery tests need s to be performed. There are several tests available to check … Read more

Can You Desulfate An AGM Battery?

Can You Desulfate An AGM Battery

Sulfation is one of the major problems caused by the negative chemical reaction in deep-cycle batteries. It happens mostly in the conventional lead-acid battery. The negative electrode which is otherwise known as the cathode causes the sulfation. The Absorbed Glass Mat batteries have been engineered with new and advanced technologies. Its electrodes have been made with pure lead plates. Besides, … Read more

What Is An AGM Battery Used For?

What Is An AGM Battery Used For

Lead-Acid batteries were introduced in the 1800s. Since then it has become an inseparable part of modern life. Absorbed Glass Mat batteries, also known as AGM batteries are the upgraded versions of the lead-acid battery. Here the question that arises is what is an AGM battery used for? An AGM battery is specially made and designed for replacing conventional vehicular … Read more